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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  January 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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morning. >> governor christie graciously called me and apologized. >> i heard one crazy mayor in south jersey said this is worse than sandy. >> he made the comments at a town hall meeting in new hampshire. >> he spoke about it on tuesday. >> he was gracious in accept it. >> but for residents cleaning up at the jersey shore many remarks were hurtful. >> i don't know what you expect me to do, you want me it come down way mop? >> we don't want a mop, we wants a solution. >> he could have went through the process for the people that need it instead of the backhands remark he made. >> the owners of zippy bicycle put out a mop outside of the store and urged the governor to come see for himself. >> irs says the apartment she shares with her parents in wildwood is ruined now.
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>> my mom is sick and now we have to pay for a hotel every day. >> governor christie says that help is on the way. >> we had people on the ground beginning on sunday to decide whether or not we can apply for federal disaster relief for those areas. >> the state has met with 71 of the 90 businesses effected by the storm. trish hartman, channel 6 "action news." snow days turn back into school days for philadelphia public and archdiocese students. schools were closed the last to days but crews are busy shoveling snow and paths for students to return like here at west philadelphia high school. the school district of philadelphia expects bus service delays to and from school. >> they are making progress in the streets of philadelphia. officials say that 80% of the city streets are now cleared of
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snow. are you looking at the roosevelt boulevard while they are using the medians as huge snow dumps and lets go to the fishtown section and reporter sara bloomquist. >> reporter: jim, the snow here is turning to slush here on leopard street in fishtown. we saw considerable amount of snow here today and there is a lot of snow on city streets all over the place. while the city is making progress as well. some people told us today they have not seen a city crew on their block and if they did, they didn't do enough. residents along the 3100 block of cedar street in port richmond say they still have not seen a plow. >> the mayor can say what he wants, they are getting the primaries done but the little street is where everybody lives and they have to get to work. >> the mayor's office says that
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80% of streets are passable but some near more work because of parked and abandoned cars and throwing snow into the street. >> there is nowhere else to put it, you have to put some back in the street and let the cars smack it down, a little sun today did help melt the snow away and now they are asking residents to clear storm drains. >> the weather is helping the weather helped so it's melting. pretty good. >> now, i was laying in the middle of the street making is snow angels with my kids. >> the city is making progress but there are still snow covered streets and the people want to see a plow. >> they have not been by yet. not yet. no, no. >> from you like him and have not seen a plow yet, they want
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to you call 311, they have fielded tens of thousands of calls already and be specific about the conditions on your street so they know what kind of equipment to send out. >> thank you sara. the lehigh valley, road crews in allentown have shifted their efforts from a plowing operation and hauling operation. trucks filled with snow are transporting and dumping all the loads in several locations on the out skirts of town. residents say some people cannot shovel their sidewalks because there is simply no place to put the snow. as we continue cleaning up from the blizzard. we ask you to stay with for updates, rely on stormtracker 6 live double scan as well as the latest information from our team of meteorologists. saying the words of the
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urgency of atlantic city's predicament cannot be oversated. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live at city hall. a painful day for mayor, don guardian who had no choice but to go along with the plan. >> reporter: jim, he says it was either that or file for bankruptcy, his hands were pretty much tied. the 11th hour deal reached in trenton is similar to a deal the governor reached to save the city of camden. less than an hour ago the mayor went to a closed door meeting to discuss a five year deal, to restructure the city's debt and collective bargaining agreements. christ christie says it's not a takeover but a partnership. similar to the city of camden. >> i'm not looking for a
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takeover but an intervention in the short-term that helps to develop a long-term partnership with the mayor and council. >> mayor guardian says the deal was badly needed to save the city from the brink of bankruptcy. >> we looked at all the options, there were two. do nothing and have the state take over. file bankruptcy or form a partnership. not hard to figure out what to do and what is best for atlantic city and the state of new jersey. >> reporter: late today was a standing room only crowd which was suppose to be a city council meeting for the city declaring bankruptcy, but that is all put on hold and the mayor says the city is not dead yet just wounded. >> reporter: governor christie says they expect the legislature to move swiftly to approve the deal. >> thank you. a federal judge today told
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philadelphia congressman, chaka fattah, to rethink his focus on raising money for his re-election campaign and instead raise money for his legal defense. fattah was back in court this morning, his former attorneys asked the judge to dismiss them from the corruption case because they say they are not being paid. and the judge heard the request but did not make an official rulings. fattah is accused of taking bribes and misusing government grants. he maintains his innocence and should be free to focus on the primary election. the fraud trial against fattah and four others is set to begin on may 2nd. tomorrow marks one full year since a partial roof collapse injured shoppers at at lululemon store in philadelphia. and now a lawsuit against the neighboring building's owners.
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investigators say that bricks from the building next store fell off and crashed through the roof at lululemon and the debris hit three women in the store and one was a 28-year-old charter school teacher from south philadelphia, that said tonight that the collapse has impacted her life. >> i am in pain every day for a year. i was incredibly active before this happened and i have not been able to be active in a year. >> a commercial landlord in philadelphia has a legal responsibility and a moral responsibility to inspect and maintain their properties so they don't collapse on to their neighbors, that didn't occur here. >> pearl properties owns the building and is the target of the lawsuit. we made multiple attempts to reach them but our calls are unanswered. gas prices continue to fall
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and right now the price of a gallon of gasoline is moving around $2, in new jersey the average $1.66 and delaware 1.77 and philadelphia $2.04 but down 16 cents since last month. it will likely drop below $2 but likely won't last. >> as we get into the refinery maintenance season and spring and summer blended gasoline that will increase the price at the pump. >> the price of crude oil increased 4% today reversing a downward spiral. chevron and exxon mobil stocks jumped 4% and the stock market was way up today. coming up on "action news," a trash truck catches fire and exploded in mercer county. >> and the eagles extend the
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contract of another tight end. and we hit 50 degrees, and breaks of sunshine and a round of showers moving through with a cold front. i'll let you know what is behind that system in the accuweather forecast.
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and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot. federal state and city agencies have a plan to clean up an oil spill from the schuylkill river, crews plan to deploy absorbant materials into the river and remove oil trapped in the ice. it spilled from a tank on the
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rail property and into the schuylkill. officials say there is no threat to public health. chopper 6 hd was over hamilton township, the truck powered by natural gas went up in flames at 2:00. the workers tried to put out the fire themselves but the gas tank exploded and landed on a nearby home and fortunately nobody was hurt. the southbound side of the falls bridge in fairmount park in philadelphia was closed to drivers today, crews are preparing for a major rehabilitation project and drivers are reminding that the bridge is closed to all vehicular traffic starting monday february 1st and is closed until april, walkers will have access to the sidewalks. police patrolled the streets
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in camden with shovels in hand, looking for trouble caused by problems from the weekend blizzard. officers went door-to-door checking on the elderly and helped to shovel out drivers still stuck in the snow. the snow may have kept schools closed for a second day but some students went to the franklin institute for fun today. the philadelphia and archdiocese schools will be open tomorrow. and 17 veterans received awards today. the military and veterans affairs presented the distinguished medals today. they were giving them out since 1858. winter is hard on your nose.
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wegmans family pack. we do it because we're family too. eagles signed a tight end
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yesterday or resigned a tight end yesterday and resigned another tight end today. >> brent celek getting some today. he is an eagle for nine years, he gets a reported $13 million for three years. he was only targeted 32 times and scored three touch downs, the 33-year-old is the second oldest tenured eagle on the roster. durable and dependable described him. malcolm jenkins is looking for a hawaiian shirt. he is headed for his first pro bowl, he replaces an injury. and he had this 99 yard interception return against the patriots. the game is sunday in honolulu. the flyers lost the last three games by a total of three goals and they slip further and further out of a playoff spot.
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jaime apody has the team's pulse halfway through the season. >> hockey is an unforgiving sport and you can play a great game for 29 minutes and then a shot loses the game. with 7.5 seconds to play against toronto, that is the difference between a win and a losing streak. >> they are hard to swallow, but today is a new day and we have work ahead. >> we have to stay with it. and you know as frustrated as we are right now, and how bad we want to get in the playoff spot, we need to watch what we have to do. >> they have to immediately stop the bleeding, seven points out of a playoff spot they face the capitals, the best team in the league. >> we can't go back and we can't get last night's game back. we played a pretty good hockey
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game but the bottom line is we didn't get the points and we need the two points tomorrow night. >> tomorrow starts the all-star break -- i asked them to grade themselves. >> we would like to be in the playoff spot. i guess a c minus. >> better start doing extra credit because that report card leads to an early summer vacation. >> the sixers hosts the suns tonight and sixers have six wins in 45 games and unwas against phoenix and okafor is out tonight with flu like symptoms. the sixers start work on their new training facility in camden. it will be 135,000 feet in size and the locker room will be 2800
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square feet. blake griffin could be out six weeks with a broken han. he suffered the injury after punching a team staff member. he got into an altercation with an employee in toronto earlier in the week. that is just bizarre. and apparently they are good friends. >> not anymore good at his wedding and everything. cecily has the accuweather forecast when we continue in just a moment. the centers for medicare and medicaid
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services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. slash eastern.
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so what is the story about the storm on friday.
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>> ots you know what that means? out to sea. >> done. that is the meteorological ots. >> yes. another system could bring us a flurry or snow shower. we can handle that, no big storms on the horizon. but we have shower activity though out there. >> we can deal with that too. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that we do have some generally light showers, a little bit heavier in cumberland county and this may help to wash the grime off your car. heading across route 47 south of millville and cedarville heading across tuckahoe and a few scattered showers lighter in nature and up to the north and west and norristown through malvern north of media and heading toward jenkin town, and a weak system pulls through and
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it brings us cooler air, and this is bear creek with two feet of snow with our weekend storm, and a lot of folks lining up for the listen joying the first snow storm of the season, finally getting nature made snow. down from the high of 50, 10 degrees above normal. atlantic city 49 and beginning to cool off reading 37 and northwest suburb temperatures will drop below freezing tonight and you do want to be careful there could be black ice and temperatures feeling nice and 10 degrees warmer in philadelphia than this time yesterday. 15 degrees warmer in millville and cooler in millville yesterday, 21 degrees warmer. and we'll take a hit temperature-wise and then a warming trend as we head through the weekend in next week. satellite 6 along with action radar showing this cold front really producing more clouds
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than showers and the highest concentration of showers to the south, this slips through tonight and we wake up with clouds in the morning and overnight lows, northwest suburbs below freezing and reading 29, and wilmington 31 could be black ice, and cape may 33 right on the edge and bear in mind when the air temperature is slightly above freezing, the ground temperature is below freezing it looks wet tomorrow morning it looks icy and the bus stop forecast as the kids all head back to school finally mostly cloudy and a few slick spots and it will be chilly 33 and by 8:00, 34 degrees, morning clouds give way to afternoon sunshine the frontal boundary sneaks to the east and temperatures cooler than today. 44 degrees, and then on thursday, the high pressure is in control of our weather, we get a slice of nice in between
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two storm systems and a touch cooler with a high of 40 and what is the system that brings us a flurry or snow shower on friday, that is the system that is ots, out to sea, that should not be effecting us on friday. that is great news. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, morning clouds and afternoon sunshine and high of 44 degrees and thursday cooler and 40 and friday 41 but feeling cooler with the winds and perhaps a snow shower or flurry and the weekend looking great clouds mixing with sun high of 40 and much milder on sunday 47 degrees and the possibility of a late day shower and monday it's a tradeoff, mild and 50 but mostly cloudy and the chance of a few scattered showers and we keep the mild air on tuesday with a high of 50 degrees, i think by tuesday there will not be any snow. >> that would be nice. >> enough is enough. >> an authentic human mummy is
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on display at the franklin institute in philadelphia. "action news" was there as the 2300-year-old mummy named annie arrived and is on loan from the academy of natural sciences. it also features animal mummies and artifacts it's open now through august. abc world news is next on channel 6 and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff and sharrie williams, and adam joseph and ducis rogers. and please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team. i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00.
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tonight, the sprint to the finish. six days now to iowa and donald trump and the new poll tonight. why even ted cruz says if donald trump wins iowa and new hampshire, he could be unstoppable. and the question from a young man to hillary clinton about dishonesty. the fbi sting late today. under arrest today. authorities say he was planning to kill dozens here in the u.s. what the plot entailed. a deadly school bus crash. a 22 year veteran principal killed and children injured. a prosecutored chilling warning, calling one suspect


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